We specialize in representing residential tenants in all types of landlord-tenant disputes, including eviction defense. These disputes commonly involve landlords who have failed to make repairs in tenants’ homes. Other frequent issues include retaliatory evictions, mishandling of security deposits, illegal rent increases, interference with tenants’ right to peaceable enjoyment of their homes, and discrimination. 

Since the foreclosure crisis, we have also been dedicated to helping tenants in foreclosed properties. In most cases, the foreclosing banks become the new landlords, and tenants often find their new landlords hard or impossible to contact. Our foreclosure-related work also includes representing homeowners against banks in cases involving unfair or deceptive practices in mortgage modifications and foreclosures.

Our firm also specializes in representing tenants in mobile home parks throughout western Massachusetts. There are many specialized laws and regulations for mobile home parks, and we are highly experienced in handling these cases. We have successfully represented hundreds of tenants in these communities, including through many class action cases.