Consumer Protection

Consumer protection issues arise in most of our practice areas. We have successfully represented clients who have been the victims of unfair debt collection practices, victims of fraud by car dealerships, and real estate fraud.

In the context of housing and landlord-tenant issues, we have successfully brought consumer protection claims against landlords for failing to make repairs, engaging in illegal debt collection, taking unlawful excess rent from tenants with housing subsidies, illegally raising rents, illegally charging for improperly metered utilities, and other housing issues.

We have also successfully represented homeowners in cases against banks involving a refusal or denial of a mortgage modification under both the federal HAMP program and other private modification programs. These cases have also involved illegal foreclosure practices, mortgage rescue scams, and predatory lending.

While we generally do not do so-called “lemon law” cases or home contractor cases, we have successfully represented clients who were victims of fraud and other deceptive tactics employed by car dealerships.